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Our Mission

"Trades would not take place unless it were advantageous to the Parties concerned.  Of course, it is better to strike as good a Bargain as One's bargaining Position admits.

The worst Outcome is when, by over-reaching Greed, no Bargain is struck & a Trade that could have been advantageous to both Parties, does not come off at all."

-B. Franklin

We report values, we don't assign values.

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Our Facts

We are a National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA) certified appraisal firm located in San Antonio, Texas.  Our Senior NAAA Appraiser is USPAP endorsed, the highest level of qualification issued by the NAAA.  Jets, turboprops and rotorcraft are our specialty, particularly Cessna Citations and Learjets.  We serve the entire Southwestern portion of the U.S. on a regular basis and travel world-wide as needed.

Our personnel have years of direct, hands-on, experience in the flight, maintenance and operational ends of aviation. For almost 35 years, our top executives have been involved in maintenance, pre-purchase inspections and originating loans for commercial institutions. We are qualified to appraise commercial and general aviation aircraft from heavy jets through turboprops, piston twins, piston singles, rotorcraft and home-built aircraft. We can perform Market Valuations, NAAA Certified Aircraft Appraisals and full USPAP Certified Appraisals depending on your needs.

Email or call for a quote. We do it right and on time.


Cessna Citation III
Cessna Citation 560 XL
Learjet Model 55
Bonanza F33A
Piper Cherokee 180
Piper Malibu Mirage

Actual aircraft we have recently appraised.

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To See a Slideshow about the NAAA, Click Here!

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Contact Information

  Paul Whetstone
         Mobile 210.373.7702
Postal address
29890 Bulverde Lane #14, Bulverde, Texas 78163-2011
General Information:   
Specific Appraisal Information:

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